As we all practice social distancing as a nation, this is a great time to grow closer in your relationship to Jesus. Learn more about the AFJ Living Waters Ministry Online Course that teaches you how to Abide in the Word and hear from God.

About Tom and Susanne Ewing

Tom and Susanne Ewing have been married and in full-time ministry for almost four decades. In 2007, after 24 years of local church work, they launched Tom Ewing Ministries, Inc, which offers consultation and practical solutions to churches and non-profit organizations. Their ministry crosses denominational lines and has proved to have a unique influence in uniting pastors and congregations, especially in the state of Colorado. The original emphasis their ministry involved leadership, consulting and training in the area of worship. As a worship leader, Tom has a refreshing and contagious approach that encourages believers from all church backgrounds to experience the presence and fullness of God. He has recorded several worship CDs and written worship songs that are used around the world. In recent years, Tom and Susanne have begun conducting Spiritual Renewal Retreats for couples under the covering of All For Jesus/Living Waters Retreat Ministries. The Retreat content is built on the truths revealed in John 15 - Jesus is the Vine, The Father is the Vinedresser, and we are the Branches. The material is covered in a fun, super casual, non-intrusive way. Moving through scripture, couples discover God’s intended plan for intimate relationship with Him personally, how to walk in unity as husband and wife, and His desire to produce supernatural fruit in every facet of life (marriage, family, business, ministry, etc). Tom and Susanne are passionate about enjoying life together, encouraging couples and influencing all believers to make a difference in the world. Tom and Susanne reside in Windsor, CO. They have three grown children who are all active in ministry and a growing batch of grandchildren.