Targeted at open-hearted seekers and Christians hungry for a life that truly reflects the tenets of their faith, this film will answer two fundamental questions: the first, the central proclamation of Christianity – Did Jesus of Nazareth live and rise from the dead? And the second, which MTM believes is equally fundamental to the teachings of Christ and the Apostles – What does the Resurrection mean for believers in the here and now?  

MTM does not believe there has been an excellent film-based exploration of supporting evidence for the life, death and RESURRECTION of the man, Jesus of Nazareth. The film will begin with a fresh, authentic, and rigorous documentary-based exploration of the facts behind the Resurrection. Believers who are nationally or internationally known for their “secular success” will be enlisted to act as moderators of the “search”.  Opening in a state of the art, digital “operations central” with all the cutting edge display technology, our well-know moderator(s) will lead the viewer on a fast-paced journey through the compelling, intellectually honest case for the life, death and resurrection of Christ. It will begin with the superior reliability of the historicity of the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament–a truth that has been presented to few believers to date. When all other ancient texts which are routinely accepted are compared in a rigorous intellectual way to the New Testament, the confidence that can be placed in the authenticity of the scriptures is almost shocking. This will lay the foundation for the rest of the answer to the first question. Then, the evidence for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth will be told in an attention-grabbing, completely “nonreligious” way. Personal interviews, some “on screen” some in person, with renown scholars will be combined with computer renderings of what the various historical locations would have looked like dissolving into what they look like today. The final forty, post-Resurrection days of Christ on earth will be brought to life and with them the compelling case for historicity of the Gospels and the Resurrection described by them.

After the reliability of the Resurrection is established, the film will proceed to answer the second question: What does this mean in the here and now for believers viewing the film?  It will do this be giving what may be, for the post-modern audience, the most compelling proof of the claims of Jesus–the potential experience of the Resurrected Life by the believer, himself, on planet earth.  Brought into the present day through testimony of our moderators and others, the primary case will be made employing the post-Ascension, post-Pentecost life of the Apostles and disciples as presented by the book of Acts and other historical texts of the period. The viewer will be left with a clear case for seeking and living an abundant life by abiding in the True Vine and seeing the wonders of the Living God in their own lives.

Completing the experience, clear and straight-forward supplemental printed materials will be made available for further exploration of these most important truths of our or any time.

Act 1

The historicity of the New Testament established.

Act 2

The stunningly powerful case for the life, death and resurrection of the man, Jesus of Nazareth is presented.

Act 3

The startling transformation of the disciples into apostles and other “small resurrections” found in the Book of Acts, along with modern day testimonies by highly credible witnesses, will create a hunger in the viewer for seeking relief from the (probably) mediocre and unsatisfying “Christian life” they are currently living.

To the open, honest heart, by the end of the film the Resurrection will no longer be able to be viewed as a dusty, vague, unapproachable concept.  It will be a reliable historical event, and as importantly, it will be shown to have immediate and extremely favorable implications