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This Devotional app was created to bring families together so that all, no matter what age, can learn the wonderful stories of Jesus’ life during His earthly ministry – from His baptism to the resurrection.  As a family you can embrace and be transformed by the daily reading of the Gospel through the 40 days of scripture and short devotional; and as you and your family walk through these 40 days of devotions in the life of Christ you will find real help in facing life issues and troubles – many of which are so beyond anything we have ever faced!

Enjoy through the instruction of His Word and the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit being led in walking step by step and day by day with Him as your instructor and as your guiding light.

In addition to listening to a known Christian Hymn or Worship song, you can click on a beautiful picture that depicts the Story of the Day; It includes the Scriptural Word that you can read aloud together – as  family – and you can participate in a short devotional that someone can also read that helps take you deeper into a practical meaning of the story.  If you miss a few days, you can easily catch up, or if you want, you can also repeat a story. (Go to View All) 

May you and your family be blessed by this.

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