[dropcap]When[/dropcap] Larry began to sense God telling him to leave his role at Cass Information Systems, he had been serving as CEO for 18 years and Chairman for 16 years. For 43 years, he had also been traveling and speaking on the side, working with churches and Christian organizations and building relationships with a variety of Christian leaders. During that time, Sherry also had a career in child development as a teacher, director and family counselor. Both felt the blessing of the Lord on their work. Larry’s role at CIS was fruitful and enjoyable. Everything logically indicated he was where he needed to be. Despite all of that, he began to feel the Lord calling him out to something new.


Larry first met Rich Case at a CEO Forum meeting in the year 2000. At that time Rich was based in Dallas working through some business problems. His transparency was refreshing as he described the issues he was facing. As their relationship grew through involvement in the CEO Forum, Larry learned that Rich and Linda were conducting overseas retreats. Since he and his wife loved travel, they decided to join them on a week long retreat, a time when their friendship really grew.


“What God said to me on that trip would ultimately redirect our lives in a new direction.” – Larry



“We have known each other most of our lives. We met in 7th grade and have since been friends and then spouses. Experiencing the 2000 retreat was transformational for both of us,” Larry says.

During the retreat Rich asked them a simple question, “What is God saying to you?

“That statement was somewhat new on a personal level. We had sometimes heard that still, small voice. But we had never heard God at a level of deep intensity or engaged in personal conversation with Him.”

What He said on that trip would ultimately redirect their lives significantly. Larry felt God was telling him to leave his job. God’s direction was for Larry to leave a successful company that was impacting organizations near and far. While the idea of leaving didn’t make much sense, Sherry encouraged him to process this in more detail. By the time of their return home, he had made up his mind to tell the Board of Directors he would be leaving. While they were very kind and approving, it didn’t quite sink