Marriage Retreat in Chicago, IL

Marriage retreat in Chicago Illinois

When a couple is looking into marriage retreats it is either because they are struggling in their marriage (deep conflict, unforgiveness, having great difficulty in coming to agreement on decisions, always arguing, etc) or are just living in mediocrity and are drifting apart – so are looking for some help to recover what they once had. The desire is there, but somehow do not have the tools to restore the enthusiasm for living the kind of marriage that God intended. The couple might have even tried or are trying counseling, but even that does not seem to be working much, and real change is not happening.

Further, most retreats tend to be “seminars” where you sit and listen to speakers provide a weekend of “information” in a nice workbook that all sounds nice and may even work for a day or two but after going home, nothing really changes, and you feel that all you did was waste a weekend; and perhaps even set your relationship backwards even further as it brought up issues of deeper anger that you had no ability to work through.

So, why bother going to another weekend marriage retreat in Chicago?

Here at Living Waters Retreats, we discovered through experience a new form of retreat that truly makes a difference. First, we do not do seminars. We know that sitting listening to someone talk all weekend is a waste of time. Our retreats are limited to 5 to 7 couples at a time, conducted at a spectacular location beginning with dinner on Friday and ending on Sunday @ noon. Each couple stays in their own bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom. The retreat is a time to participate in God’s Word (not lecture) with open dialogue/exercises regarding our personal and joint walk with God. We will deal with such important topics to building our personal lives whether single or married: our unity in marriage, making decisions, conflict, prayer, deeper & regular time in the Word, and seeking God’s will and His grand plan for your lives. This is not about group therapy or behavior changes, but about heart and letting the Lord bring His exceptional, superabundant life into your lives and marriages. There is not a requirement for open sharing about your own spiritual walk or marriages, but numerous exercises individually or as a couple to process together what you are receiving. Each person will learn how to have the Scriptures come alive in an environment that is special – a wonderful location, great food and great fellowship.

This is all about providing tools that each couple can apply personally in their lives that first, will change your life in one weekend, and then secondly, will carry forward into the circumstances of your lives every day – and you will begin to experience the abundant life promised by Christ. He will restore your troubled marriage and will take your lives of mediocrity and bring His grandeur.

Here at Living Water Retreats, we offer several courses from our Abiding in the Vine/Unity to our Discerning God’s Will retreat which will teach you how to truly live every day in God if you’re looking for something a lot more advanced to do together as a couple.

Why Chicago?

marriage retreat chicago
Our Christian counseling retreats are widely available across the country, so why visit us in Chicago, IL? Quite simple, Chicago is one of our most vibrant cities. If you have any time out from the work of the retreat to explore, not only will you find some of the friendliest people around, but you’ll also be free to explore the beauty of Lake Michigan, the John Hancock Center, which is an iconic part of the city’s skyline, and the wonderful Art Institute of Chicago.

Living Waters Retreats are serious, spiritual and strengthening. With retreats suitable for every married couple, no matter what you’re experiencing, you’re sure to find something to enrich your soul and keep your marriage on track, So, why not come to our marriage retreat in Chicago, IL? You can get in touch with us at [email protected]