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Whether you are newlyweds who’ve just got hitched or you’ve been married for 20 years+, chances are you will have experienced conflict in your marriage, and chances are you are likely to do so again in the future. No matter how much you love your spouse, and they love you, marriage isn’t always a picnic. When two people join together as one before God, they vow to love, honor and obey but doing just that is not always easy.

 If you know what it is to experience conflict within your marriage, and especially if you are going through a difficult time right now, you need to take some time to reflect on your marriage and take action to set things right and get them back on track, so your marriage gets stronger, not weaker, over time.

 One thing you can do to build your marriage up and make it stronger than ever before is to put yourself through Christian counseling during a marriage retreat in Camarillo, CA. Here at Living Waters Retreats, we run several intimate marriage counseling courses that are designed to help people of faith strengthen their relationships with each other, and God above.

Should you choose to attend our marriage retreat in Camarillo, CA, you will learn effective communication techniques which can be used to explore your relationship and manage conflicts within it effectively. You will also learn more about what it means to be married in a Christian context, and we’ll even help you to connect more effectively with God so that he can be a constant source of strength and support in your marriage, and life, each and every day.

Studying Bible verses and living in a Christian environment, while benefiting from experienced Christian counseling, your marriage retreat in Camarillo, CA will give you all of the tools you need to build a lasting relationship in the 21st Century. At times it will be intense, at others extremely moving, but one thing’s for sure whether you choose one of our foundational courses, such as out Abiding in The Vine retreat or something more advanced, such as our brilliant Discerning God’s Will Retreat, which will help you to live in God’s presence, following his instructions always, you will notice profound changes in your life, and your marriage will be all the better for it.

 What to expect?

Here at Living Waters Retreats, we discovered through experience a new form of retreat that truly makes a difference. First, we do not do seminars. We know that sitting listening to someone talk all weekend is a waste of time. Our retreats are limited to 5 to 7 couples at a time, conducted at a spectacular location beginning with dinner on Friday and ending on Sunday @ noon. Each couple stays in their own bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom. The retreat is a time to participate in God’s Word (not lecture) with open dialogue/exercises regarding our personal and joint walk with God. We will deal with such important topics to building our personal lives whether single or married: our unity in marriage, making decisions, conflict, prayer, deeper & regular time in the Word, and seeking God’s will and His grand plan for your lives. This is not about group therapy or behavior changes, but about heart and letting the Lord bring His exceptional, superabundant life into your lives and marriages. There is not a requirement for open sharing about your own spiritual walk or marriages, but numerous exercises individually or as a couple to process together what you are receiving. Each person will learn how to have the Scriptures come alive in an environment that is special – a wonderful location, great food and great fellowship.

 Why Camarillo | Santa Rosa Valley?

Camarillo Marriage Retreat


Why choose Camarillo for your Christian counseling retreat? Ventura County is a sunshine-filled, nature-packed place that makes it really easy to see the glory of God and feel his presence. From the Ronald Reagan Library to the Pleasant Valley Historical Society Musem & Botanical Gardens, there are plenty of quiet places to relax and reflect when you aren’t working on your marriage.

Living Waters Retreats are here for you in your hour of need. Our unique Christian perspective can support and empower you in your marriage. So, why not book a marriage retreat in Camarillo, CA right now. Get in touch with us at [email protected]

 Our Santa Rosa Valley, Camarillo location is located in the 93012 area code of Ventura County California.