[dropcap]For[/dropcap] many years, God has been growing the All For Jesus Ministries through Living Waters Retreats and All For Jesus Books. The primary vision of “learning, living and sharing the Abundant Life” has resulted in a growing movement of retreats and an expanding collection of book titles — each of which is an invitation to know and experience God on a personal level. In addition to those mediums of personal experience and reading, the All For Jesus family has added another platform for sharing the Abundant Life of Jesus — Mountaintop Multimedia.

Mountaintop is our third platform and carries the exact same heart – sharing the truth about Jesus and the Abundant Life He offers.

Mountaintop is focused on producing curriculum and related teaching materials that take the truths of God to a global audience – to churches, small groups, and individuals. We have assembled an experienced team that is working to develop printed workbooks, video, electronic and other such applications. By definition, the retreats have been giving it away 5-7 couples or 10-14 singles at a time. The Lord has now commissioned the All for Jesus Ministries to now take all the truths that we have received and given away all these years to a broader audience by providing other vehicles for teaching more people “what it looks like to know, hear from, and obey the Lord Jesus, and call them to the true experience of the Abundant Life.”

What is the Abundant Life?