As we all practice social distancing as a nation, this is a great time to grow closer in your relationship to Jesus. Learn more about the AFJ Living Waters Ministry Online Course that teaches you how to Abide in the Word and hear from God.

Tornado Video: Castle Rock, Colorado

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In August, 2008 when the Democratic National Convention was in Denver, and why we have a video of this tornado (because the news helicopter was out already filming), our family (kids and grandkids) was at our home in Castle Rock enjoying a normal Sunday afternoon when we went outside. After awhile, we noticed a storm [...]

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Abiding in the Vine/Unity Curriculum

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Jesus said in John 15: 1 – 5 that He is the Vine, The Father is the Vinedresser, we are the Branches, and the intended result is Fruit – more Fruit, much Fruit; and all from the choice that we must make of Abiding – choosing to remain connected to the life of Christ. Few [...]

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