Abiding in The Vine

This is always our first and foundational retreat. Christ says that “Apart from Him we can do nothing”. Every believer is called to abide in the Vine – In Christ. This retreat shows us how to abide on a personal level – hearing from God, abiding in the Word, and understanding the fruits that comes from abiding.


Blessings of Unity – God’s Best for our Lives/Marriages

This is usually our second retreat for those who have attended “Abiding in the Vine”. Most couples struggle with resolving issues and making decisions. Usually either the male and/or the most dominant personality of the marriage dictate. This retreat shows us the joy and promises of going to Unity with God together (not just us together). We can fully understand God’s will for everything in our lives and unity is a big key to this. This has moved couples from conflict and mediocrity to full joy a