In August, 2008 when the Democratic National Convention was in Denver, and why we have a video of this tornado (because the news helicopter was out already filming), our family (kids and grandkids) was at our home in Castle Rock enjoying a normal Sunday afternoon when we went outside. After awhile, we noticed a storm cloud come up (not unusual in Colorado in August) and expected to see some lightning and perhaps a shower. Instead, we saw a funnel drop down on the back of our property.

At first it was a small white funnel that we normally might see as a wind vortex that sweeps across a field and comes and goes with no real issue. In this case, it was getting larger and darker. I said: “Oh, oh, this is a tornado — everyone inside and get downstairs into an inner room we have with no windows.” And everyone did. I stayed outside, still thinking this was not really happening and just standing there watching it. The tornado was getting bigger and more powerful, and then it kicked into that moment when it sounded like a 100 locomotives; debris started flying and it was moving up the property toward our house. I knew I had to move.

It was then that I asked God: “What are you going to do about this and what do you want me to do?” He said that this was an attack of the enemy against our house and our ministry (the house is where we host our Living Waters retreats), that He was going to protect the house, our ministry, and most importantly our family and that I was to stand against this in faith through prayer. So I went inside and went to the glass door at the side porch to the back and began praying the Covenant which is where He had me in the Word at the time; and stood against this attack.

The tornado kept coming and coming toward the house and then all of a sudden went up into the cloud before it hit the house. I thought “Hallelujah, it’s over,” as the storm and thus the tornado will be going from west to east and even if it drops down, it is past us. So, I go to the front glass door to watch and see what happens next. It does drop down in the front of our house and is at the point that the news video catches the tornado (did not catch the first part). As I see it drop down, it is now much, much larger — so much so, that from the door, I cannot see the edges of it. The tornado does not continue east, but reverses course and comes back toward the house! So, I again stand and pray the Covenant verses and against the attack.

My family was downstairs and all they hear is the roar of the tornado but knew nothing else – other than than I wasn’t with them and wonder what happened to me? So, my wife and daughter came upstairs to see what happened to me, and saw me standing at the front glass door praying — so they came over and saw what I saw — the tornado coming toward the house! So they stood with me and prayed as well against the attack. The length of the tornado after it had dropped down in the front of our house was actually 11 minutes and had reversed course three times at it attacked our house. Tornado experts said they have never seen such behavior in a tornado. We understood it to be a spiritual attack and through the power of God and our faith in the power of God, we saw a miracle.

There was no damage of any kind to the house or the property — as if nothing happened. The News was so intrigued that they sent out a crew to examine the expected damage and wound up interviewing Linda and she became the lead story of the 9:00 pm news — and they did not edit one word of her bearing witness to the power of Christ or our faith in Christ! Fortunately, it is all documented with video so it stands on its